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We’re a family of followers built on blue collar work ethic and rugged authenticity.
Our mission is to serve the people of our beloved “Lumber City”, North Tonawanda. We aren’t here to build a building. We’re here to grow a family and our focus isn’t on how many people come. Our focus is on how many people in our family GO to serve the broken lives of people sometimes hiding in the lowest places. People in poverty. Broken people. God’s favorite people.
We are people driven by life-changing, messy, Jesus centered relationships. We welcome people with baggage and frayed edges to join our mission. We welcome people with questions and problems to become part of our family. We believe everyone God sends has a place in making the name of Jesus Famous in our city. As we go. Together. Because our Church doesn’t exist in the walls that surround us, but in the friendships and beating hearts that shape us and compel us to love like Jesus.We care about saturating North Tonawanda with the Gospel and spreading the fame of our Hero, our King, Jesus. We are Lumber City Church. Your Friends Are HERE.